Learning Online in the UK

June 22, 2021

Distance Learning in the UK is the most important part of our education system today. By definition, distance learning is a form of education process where the physical presence of a student is not compulsory.

Today’s student is facing serious challenges, he needs quality education in a highly reputed institute, and in the meanwhile he also needs to fulfill financial matters. In this situation, Distance learning is the best option for these students, especially if a student is living in a remote area, and he wants access to a top quality educational institute.

The tremendous progress in information technology has created new ways for learning today. The powerful Internet doesn’t have any virtual borders, and with the help of powerful internet, people all around the world are so strongly connected with each other. People are using the internet for many things including working online, learning online, entertainment and social connectivity. We have added some resources below related to Distance Learning:

1. UCAS – Distance Learning

2. The Open University – Distance Learning

There are a number of advantages of distance learning as compared to traditional education. This article will guide you about all aspects of distance learning and online education, so keep reading to learn more about distance education.

As the power of the internet has shrunk the distance between countries with social connectivity, it has also changed the traditional learning system. Today, you have more options to learn with a variety of courses available online. Distance learning has created a more flexible and affordable education system. Learn more about the TEDX Bath Academic courses on our dedicated page.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning allows you to study remotely without the regular physical presence inside the lecture room. It is a type of learning process that happens without the face-to-face engagement with a teacher. Some more practical based education cant always be learnt from a distance. Courses such as mechanics and sporting development of football are 2 prime examples.  Branding of projects and general marketing can be learnt and achieved remotely, such as development of football gaming resources and designing online bingo experiences.

In the past the only medium of communication between the teacher and students, was by traditional mail. The institute used to send all the course details through the mail for the students, and the students also used to submit their assignments and thesis by mail.

But today, distance education has shifted most of the learning process online. Institutes provide all the learning material such as books, tutorials and assignments for students via a virtual learning process, and keep them engaged at home with different assessment processes. There can also be a face-to-face interaction between students and teachers by using video conferences in the distance learning system. Many universities in the UK have built their own communication system for a more transparent online education system. Our Top TEDX Talks section hosts an array of quality videos to enjoy.


Traditional education is always the best option if you can afford it, but students face many obstacles and difficulties in pursuing their education through a regular learning system. For students who want to master their skills and advance their careers, but do not want to quit their job or stay away from family, then distance learning in the UK is the best choice. Students can get high quality education just like a regular degree at a very affordable fee and new learning methods of distance education make students more independent and dynamic. Whynot listen to our podcast on the Podbay TEDX Bath account and on the Official Google Podcast here.