Comparing University Programmes

May 28, 2021

Compare programmes of different universities – Once you’ve chosen a study programme, always compare programmes from different universities with the same title. Programme with the same title are not always the same, different universities offer different course modules with different amounts of coursework. These courses also vary in terms of tuition fees, duration and admission requirements.

There are many online tools available, which can give you a brief comparison of the courses offered by different universities. You can compare and match the duration, admission requirements, tuition fee, and course modules of different universities. By doing the comparison, you can easily choose the perfect programme that is suitable for you.

Consider the most famous University

Choosing the most prestigious and top-notch university for your higher education is a good decision, as it may be your final degree, and your career will depend on the skills and knowledge you will acquire from your final degree. If you choose a well-known university in the UK for your degree, it will have a positive effect on your future.

Employers around the world respect top universities, and the majority of students at these universities are greatly favored by employers. You can get expert opinions from people who have already worked and studied in a specific field, and have a lot of experience.

Stay in contact with the University

At the moment, contacting the different institutes in the UK for more information is a great idea. There is a lot of misinformation circulating in the social media regarding the spread of coronavirus and the changing in the government policies. You will have to make sure that you follow the official source of information like the university websites and the World Health Organization (WHO).

You need to stay in contact with the university admin for the latest updates. Most of the universities in the UK have an online admission process, and they are accepting online applications for the admission. If your university is one of those which are accepting online applications then you can continue with the admission process.

Many universities have extended their admission deadlines. If your university has postponed the admission process then it is a great time to do research about the visa and work permit details, especially if you are planning to live in the UK for a longer time. Why not also stay upto date with news from websites such as the Student News section of The Independent and the Quality News section.

Look at your career prospects

Studying at a UK university can be very expensive, and can cost you thousands of pounds, so think of it as a future investment. Always consider the results of your education as a business investment. Evaluate what opportunities you will have after completing your degree.

Do a little research on the professional careers of other international students studying at the same university. Most universities in the UK have an active network of alumni, and you can easily talk to them for guidance. Check out the Teaching outcomes section on our website for a unique perpsective on education.

Talk to an Expert

Expert opinion is very important for starting something new. It is wise to have an expert opinion from people who have experience in the education field. The people from the relevant field are most aware of the programmes that are currently available, and have more demand in the field.

Talking to your ex teacher or senior fellows from the respective university can give you a better detail about various universities and their educational programmes. They will not only guide you about the academic point of view, but also give you information about the environment and social life in the universities.

Our team Highly recommend the career advisors at Bangor University – Especially the Bangor Business School department

Admission Deferral

There are many international students who got admission in the UK’s University, and paid their tuition fee in advance, but they could not travel to join their universities in the UK due to the travel restrictions. The universities and colleges have given the admission deferral option to their new international students, because of the global pandemic issue.

Universities have announced that new international students who are enrolled in the semester can start their studies in January 2021, if they can’t travel to the UK at the moment. Universities are also encouraging the international students to avail the deferral opportunity. It is advice to contact your university information center to get more information about the admission deferral procedure.

Those students who have deposited the tuition fees of the universities, are also given an option to get a refund of their deposits. To get a refund, students can contact the admission department of their respective universities. However, getting admission in a well-reputed UK’s university is not easy nowadays, so it is advised that you should avail the admission deferral opportunity.

Postpone Your Studies

Many universities and colleges across the UK have completely suspended the face-to-face teaching classes. They either go online or skip the whole academic semester. Those students who are at the middle of the application process or have not started yet, they can postpone their studies plan for January 2021. It is going to be a wise decision to wait till the problem of the COVID-19 is solved.

The postpone of your study plan will give you more time to explore more better options available for your higher education. You can learn more about your coursework and study options in your field. Another major advantage of the decision is the financial benefit. Since you have time, you can apply for the scholarships related to your programme. You can also work part-time to save more funds for the future to cover your expenses more easily.

 Start Online Short Courses

According to a survey, more than 350 million students worldwide will be infected with the corona virus in 2020. Universities and colleges in the UK have not experienced this type of disruption before, but fortunately despite the closure of educational institutions, we have the means to continue the learning process.

Never stop your learning process, and no matter which field you choose in the future, you can always learn new things through short online courses. There are many short courses available online that can help you develop your knowledge, and spend your free time more efficiently. Many institutes are offering free online short courses to help people around the world.

In such an uncertain crisis, it is very important that you never give up your personal development and continue the process of learning. At a very low cost, you can access expert teachers and the best quality resources available in UK educational institutions through online short courses.

We have added an interesting video below for people looking ot study in general.