Discussing Team Work in the workplace

April 28, 2021

Developing a good team of employees and running an organization successfully is a critical job, and that’s why organizations need managers. The team at TEDX Bath have taken a close look at  Team Work in the workplace and discussed some of the scenarios.

The Manager has full responsibilities within the organization, he not only supervises his team but also makes some critical decisions that directly affect the organization. If you are an entrepreneur or a supervisor then you must be handling some management duties in your role.

As a manager, you will have to drive your employees to work harder and more efficiently, and it will be your vision that will lead your employees to build a successful organization, you will have to make sure that your employees do the job more effectively. Employers all over the world want to prefer to hire managers who not only understand the good management, but also can make critical decisions more effectively.

TEDX Bath Team Work in the workplace

If you will force your employees to work according to your instructions then it can create resentment and disloyalty within your employees, and if you will be too polite with them then your employees can take advantage of this, and can become lazy and boredom. Characteristics and principles of good management are very important to know, it not only helps managers but also helps the organization to make a good hiring. We have added a great example of a Strategic Plan here from a leading professor at MIT in the US. (Richard K. Lester – Associate Provost @ MIT)

What is the right way of management? Well the answer is quite simple, there is no right way. Different organizations have different management styles according to their nature of work and employees. But there are few principles and skills of management, which can help you to become a successful manager. These skills will help you to encourage your employees to follow your lead, which is a key component of effective management.

Take a look at this great video resource below:

How to Create an Effective Action Plan

Functions of Management

To learn about the good management, you need to understand the four basic functions of management. These four functions of management are derived from three specific areas within the organization, including leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Check out some of our Top TEDX talks and drop us an email to let us know your ideas and thoughts.

  • Planning

Planning is the main function of management in which you set the objectives and mode of action to achieve these objectives. To be a better planner, a manager needs to fully understand the competence and constraints of his organization, and a manager needs to be a good decision maker.

There are several types of planning required for an organization, including Strategic planning, Tactical planning and Operational planning.Strategic planning involves exploring the progressive opportunities according to the strength and weaknesses of the organization. We have created a podcast on Blubrry detailing all of the latest TEDX Bath news including this discussion.

  1. Strategic planning involves exploring the progressive opportunities according to the strength and weaknesses of the organization.
  2. Tactical planning is a long term planning, which involves specific means and practical steps to implement the strategic plans.
  3. Operational planning is a short term but detailed plan, which provides the methodology of how to achieve the organization’s goals. It basically supports strategic and tactical plans.

Learn more about the steps of strategic planing process below:

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